Sunday, December 09, 2007

The Invisible Fish & Birdy Bitz Alien

Realizing that I hadn't made a proper post here since spring I felt really bad... There are several reasons for this hiatus, the main one being I'm only at home a few days/week drastically decreasing the time I have to discover and download new music T_T Still, there are a couple of artists I plan on making posts on in not too long. Till then, I'd like to tell you about two Korean artists that have made some wonderful music under new aliases. (And the reason why they don't get "proper" posts is that they only have streaming wma files available for sampling right now)

First up: The Invisible Fish. The solo project of sorrow/ssoro (now slowzz) of Bluedawn fame. Bluedawn fans are sure to enjoy The Invisible Fish as well - it's as lovely as 보옴이 오면, though with male vocals instead. Cosy guitar play, mellow electronics and beautiful, somewhat careful, melodies that is. Do visit his homepage to stream the wonderful 순간.

Second: Birdy Bitz Alien. The space travel project of Jelly Boy (of everybody's favorite Korean indie label Pastel Music). Under this alias he makes songs with dreamy electronics and a sweet space travel feeling. Should be suitable even for the music listener that prefers to understand whatever lyrics there are. Go visit Birdy Bitz Alien's label, Ruby Salon, to sample the title track of his recently released digital single Tomorrow where fellow Pastel colleague jinyong (of donawhale) assists with vocals.