Wednesday, April 25, 2007


The other day I was going through some of the older Lona Records 3" CD-Rs that I still hadn't ripped. And I came across this great Italian band.

Five member group Weltraum's first release as Weltraum is the two track Traum/Trauma EP from Lona Records. I liked Traum right away, but Trauma struck me as incredible! It's instrumental rock of a certain power, kinda like intense post rock but not completely.

Weltraum used to go by "Visione Sinfonica" and below is a song from their self released Cuore/Amore EP. You can listen to Traum as well as the gorgeous Trauma (unfortunately split into three parts) at Weltraum's MySpace. Visit the Visione Sinfonica part of their current website to sample their older works ^^

Senza Titolo

Saturday, April 21, 2007

Denci Hinji

When I first got into Korean indie music I thought that Moonrise Records was the best label around. Here's one of the reasons why ^^

전자양, or Denci Hinji (Japanese for "electric sheep"), is just one guy making some dreamy pop music with electronic elements. His first and only album, Day is Far too Long, was released in 2001 and is now out of print, but... last year Taiwanese White Wabbit Records released it again! I found out about a month ago and I'm so happy since I didn't have a chance of getting it the first time ^^

Down below are two of the best songs from the album. Head over to White Wabbit's album page to sample another track. Also drop by sheepraiser's blog to have a look at a video featuring 오늘부터 장마 :)

보름 (15 days)
아스피린 소년 (Aspirin Boy)

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Omega 3 article

Another month, another article on London Korean Links. This time it's based on an interview I did with the drummer of my favorite band, Omega 3. Check it out!

If you haven't heard them already, drop by YouTube to have a look at the 세잎크로바 music video. And while there, check out orienkorean's channel for more great Korean indie music vids ^^

Wednesday, April 11, 2007


Here's something my dear orienkorean told me to take a listen to a couple of weeks ago. I really, really like it! ^_^

Korean artist 나의머리카락뭉치's name translates to something like "my hair ball" or "my lump of hair". The music is some kind of laid back rock with guitars that makes me think of Kent when they were still my very favorite band. And there's a touch of shoegazer in it too!

I'm thinking it's a solo project, but I really don't know since there is very little info available... So far nothing is available on CD, but a digital single called 생각만으로도 두려워 was released in October 2006 and there are currently three 나의머리카락뭉치 demos over at millim ^^

Below is one song from the most recent demo, uploaded only a week ago, as well as a couple of great tracks from the digital single. Get them all and head over to millim for more!

잊은기억 [left click]
너때문이야 [left click]
시간이지나가는공간속 [left click]