Wednesday, April 25, 2007


The other day I was going through some of the older Lona Records 3" CD-Rs that I still hadn't ripped. And I came across this great Italian band.

Five member group Weltraum's first release as Weltraum is the two track Traum/Trauma EP from Lona Records. I liked Traum right away, but Trauma struck me as incredible! It's instrumental rock of a certain power, kinda like intense post rock but not completely.

Weltraum used to go by "Visione Sinfonica" and below is a song from their self released Cuore/Amore EP. You can listen to Traum as well as the gorgeous Trauma (unfortunately split into three parts) at Weltraum's MySpace. Visit the Visione Sinfonica part of their current website to sample their older works ^^

Senza Titolo

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