Thursday, March 16, 2006

Strawberry Sadness

I just noticed the name of these people on today ^^

Wihtout ever hearing their music you can tell already from their name that Strawberry Sadness makes sweet pop music. They started out as a duo but are now a quintet. No own releases available yet, but if you happen to be in China you could try locating the recently released Bergen Rock City vol.2 to hear more from Strawberry Sadness as well as other interesting Norwegian artists.

The song below is my favorite and it came second in last year's Urørt finale, but there's a couple of songs more on the Strawberry Sadness Urørt page

Taking My Breath Away (left click)

Sunday, March 05, 2006


And so it happened again... Sorry to make anybody that still come here wait for another entry. I've been kind of busy lately, and I will be a while longer. But I'm slacking today. And on Thursday I'm gonna take the evening of and go see these people ^_^

Danish/Swedish group Lampshade released their second album, Let's Away, on February 24. Their style is soft rock, sometimes mellow and often pretty. At times they're even reminiscent of Efterklang. Lampshade are currently on tour in Sweden and will soon head for Germany.

The first song below comes from their new album, it's sung in Danish and if I'm not mistaken the title means "these birds". The other one is sung in English and appeared on their first album, Because Trees Can Fly. Also linked here just because it's pretty beyond words and I don't want you to miss it ^^ Still, do not forget to check out their site for additional information and a couple of songs more!

Disse Fugle
Plakka Plakka