Thursday, March 16, 2006

Strawberry Sadness

I just noticed the name of these people on today ^^

Wihtout ever hearing their music you can tell already from their name that Strawberry Sadness makes sweet pop music. They started out as a duo but are now a quintet. No own releases available yet, but if you happen to be in China you could try locating the recently released Bergen Rock City vol.2 to hear more from Strawberry Sadness as well as other interesting Norwegian artists.

The song below is my favorite and it came second in last year's Urørt finale, but there's a couple of songs more on the Strawberry Sadness Urørt page

Taking My Breath Away (left click)


philly said...

They're so awesome! I really need some happy pop/rock music to brighten up my never-ending tests life *_^ I love all the songs available at their site :o)

Thanks Anna - it's great knowing someone who knows so much about music & is so nice to everyone ^_^

Anonymous said...

You can download some of Strawberry Sadness's tunes at