Wednesday, November 23, 2005


As I decided to check out the artists coming to that nearby student place next week I heard the interesting music of Efterklang for the first time...

Heads of cabbage by Nan Na Huass

Efterklang is a 5/6/8/3 member band hailing from Copenhagen, capital of Denmark. (5 core members, 6 if counting the guy that films, 8 or 3 live depending on stage size.) Their music is slow paced and has an electronic sound to it that makes their name very suitable. Actually "efterklang" is one of the prettiest words I know, and if it's the same in Danish as in Swedish it means something like "reverberation" (though that doesn't sound even half as pretty to me...).

Two more songs and several vids are available for download from their homepage - you should definitly check them out!


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