Friday, November 18, 2005

Hello Saferide

I just got home from a really nice gig with Hello Saferide at the student pub/nightclub next door (a journal entry about that will be posted at before the end of the weekend) and making my first real entry about her just seems right :p

Hello Saferide

Hello Saferide is Swedish Annika Norlin. The somewhat unusual name is inspired by the taxi service from a school in Willimantic (USA) she once attended.

A couple of months ago I got her incredibly wonderful song Get Sick Soon from music blog swedesplease and after playing that song over and over again I pre-ordered the album. Every song on that album is brilliant pop with sweet and sometimes funny lyrics - all of it highly recommended! I have the link for her first song here, but to get a taste of the great band accompanying her on the album you should visit her site to get more songs and watch a couple of vids ^^

Highschool Stalker


philly said...

I finally listened to Hello Saferide's 1st album - and it's great ^_^ I like their acoustic laid-back sound, and I really like "My Best Friend" hehe *_^

thanks for the recommendation Anna! (btw I don't think the DL link for "Highschool Stalker" works)

helikoppter said...

I love the My Best Friend lyrics ^^
Thanks for telling me about the link. Fixed it now ^^