Saturday, November 19, 2005

Maias Case

First Hello Saferide, now the girl providing amazing backup vocals for her on album as well as on tour: Maias Case!

Maias Case

Maia Hirasawa aka Maias Case (or perhaps Maia´s Case?) has yet to release an album or even an ep, but her music still deserves to be heard. Her voice is very nice and for now it's only accompanied by an acoustic guitar, though according to her homepage she might bring some other musicians on stage in the future :)

From what I've heard all of her songs are great, so if you like the song below I advice you to take a look at the "listen" section of her homepage for more goodies ^_^

My New Friend


philly said...

I like her acoustic mellowness ^_^ By your posting trends, I think you have a solf-spot for soft acoustic music Anna :o) or mellow music in general hehe ^_^

helikoppter said...

I love anything with an acoustic guitar in it and mellow is always nice :p