Monday, November 21, 2005

Red House

Korean Red House Studio & Entertainment has recorded albums for artists such as Necramyth and Wany and on their homepage one can listen to some "demonstration songs". In my first multi-artist post I intend to show off some of the artists in their "Soft Music" section ^^

Swimmin' Fish

Swimmin' Fish released their debut EP, JaywalKin, in the beginning of October and all demonstration songs are featured on it. Their music sounds pretty much like any other happy guitardriven rock with female vocals - I can never get enough of that ^_^

Rocket Diary

Rocket Diary, or 출입금지 (Off Limits) as they were called when they recorded their demo, released their first single in October. They describe their music as emo and ska punk on the single and I think that works for the demo songs too :p What You Want? is basicly the same as on the single, though with a piano added, while the other two songs still remain unreleased.

Band BlueIsland

Blue Island released a digital single in June this year. Their style is very Korean rock, don't know how else to describe it... As those recordings are kinda old both Blue and Life (인생) are different from the single versions, whereas my favorite, Save didn't even make it.

No direct links today. Check out the site linked first in this post for samples instead :p

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