Sunday, November 20, 2005



Binudoduk, which is Korean for "soap thief", has been around since 1997 with different members. The main person behind binododuk is Nam Sung Hee who sings, plays the guitar and writes the songs. It's mostly nice acoustic, sometimes folkish, pop with female vocals ^^

The song below is taken from the first EP, Acoustic Cat, which was released in November 2004. For more EP samples as well as the full 1999 demo and some vids I'd suggest a visit to the homepage.

많이 안아주고 싶어요

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Anonymous said...

The music on both the Binudoduk and Acoustic Cat cds is excellent, not a single song that is less than outstanding in the batch. While you can get this music free, it's worth paying for the CDs to get the higher sound quality (and charming packaging).

Nam Seung Hee will send these CDs anywhere in the world for a very reasonable price. Write to her at:

Matt Love