Thursday, November 17, 2005

Hello World!

Hi and Welcome! I'm Anna. And a while back I decided to no longer download music against the artists' wishes - I'm stuck with free music. This way I should be able to put more focus on artists that want people to hear their music and don't mind giving a free sample of what can be found on whatever releases they hope for people to purchase. Inspired by philly (who also was the one suggesting the name I chose for this place) I decided to share some of the goodies from what I come across with the world through a music blog. This space will mainly be used to show off new found music, but some older stuff I just want people to hear will surely find it's way here too ^_^


philly said...

Looking forward to hear more recommendations from you Anna! and have fun at the Hello Saferide concert ^_^

noodz said...

hey anna, i hope this spell of digital veganism ends sometime and you start diggin in the bulgogi dl bbq as ori, philly, and i still do. ^_____^ V