Sunday, October 29, 2006


It doesn't happen often, but every time I find out that somebody I know is making music I get somewhat uncomfortable. By now though I should've learnt not to worry about not liking their music since they're all doing just fine. This last time I even had a good laugh because of the funny lyrics ^^

treqie is this Swedish guy making his own kind of retro style synthpop. It reminds me of the kind of instrumental electronic music I liked so much as a child, only now there's vocals. To be honest his vocals aren't that good (they're just charming *_^), but the lyrics are all simple and entertaining so if you can understand Swedish they're definitly worth your attention. Check out the entire album Ett at if you've got an account ^^

The song below is my favorite by far - an italo inspired track with lyrics in Swedish about hairlessness: "We're hairless, no more hair. We're hairless, no more threads on our bodies" - I just love it!

Hairless (feat. Dasse)
Hairless (instrumental)

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damospace said...

Very special, indeed, but not in the way I like...