Sunday, October 29, 2006


It doesn't happen often, but every time I find out that somebody I know is making music I get somewhat uncomfortable. By now though I should've learnt not to worry about not liking their music since they're all doing just fine. This last time I even had a good laugh because of the funny lyrics ^^

treqie is this Swedish guy making his own kind of retro style synthpop. It reminds me of the kind of instrumental electronic music I liked so much as a child, only now there's vocals. To be honest his vocals aren't that good (they're just charming *_^), but the lyrics are all simple and entertaining so if you can understand Swedish they're definitly worth your attention. Check out the entire album Ett at if you've got an account ^^

The song below is my favorite by far - an italo inspired track with lyrics in Swedish about hairlessness: "We're hairless, no more hair. We're hairless, no more threads on our bodies" - I just love it!

Hairless (feat. Dasse)
Hairless (instrumental)

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

aniDa =^.^=

Hongkong longtime "internet musician" aniDa finally took her music into the world of collectable plastic discs when releasing demo vol.1 and demo vol.2 on Iseed Entertainment this summer. Usually accompanied by nothing but an acoustic guitar, aniDa has a cute singer/songwriter style going. And every now and then she makes a pretty good rock song ^^

Plenty of free music is available on the music part of aniDa's site (don't miss the "Live Music" section!), though you might have to change part of the address to "" to make them download. Since there's so much to choose from I couldn't select just one or two songs as I usually do... Here's my favorite song of hers, a live rock version of a song from the demos and an early version of one of my favorites from the demos, in that order :p

3人煩 (demo version) (3 people are annoyed)
和你一起的幸福 (Be With U) (wma)

Wednesday, October 04, 2006


I've been getting some e-mails from labels to promote their artists on this blog for a while now, but either they've come when I've been inactive or I just didn't like the artist. Today I got another one, but this time I do like the artist. A lot.

Four guys from various English speaking countries met in London and formed a band by the name of Vega4. Albeit rockier they remind me of Coldplay, in a good way (that is before they snatched best new act of the year or something from Muse, leading me do dislike them since). A bunch of EPs and an album were released some years ago by Taste Media. Now they're signed to Columbia and have a new album, You & Others, coming out on October 30.

Below is the song I was provided for posting on here - I've been playing it on repeat for the past hour so it was definitly a clever choice of theirs. Do get it you too. Also, you can listen to clips from every song on the upcoming album here or just go visit their MySpace for some (non-downloadable) full samples.