Tuesday, September 04, 2007

나의머리카락뭉치 article

Remember blog favorite 나의머리카락뭉치? I made my first post on him here, saying I couldn't find any info on him. Thanks to icq4ever I was able to learn some more through a 나의머리카락뭉치 interview for London Korean Links - the resulting article was posted today: A meeting with My Hair Ball.

And in case you didn't notice already, 나의머리카락뭉치 has deleted his old millim account, transferring only those songs that "fit his new hairball personality" to hairball.millim.com


shrota said...

hey! through your blog i feel in love with denci hinji. do you knwo where i can download teh whole ablum. I have been looking for it for teh past week.

Anonymous said...

Hey Anna!

I'm a recent convert to this genre of non-mainstream Korean music - who knew there was so much fantastic stuff out there. Anyway i came across on the net the album the story of pastel & robot - siamese flower and i've been searching to find where i can buy it to no avail. It doesn't help that i'm a non-Korean so it's hard to figure out the korean websites that do feature the album. Google translator can only do so much. So i was just wondering if you could help me out here? My gratitude would be eternal. You can email me at bootybumtrinket@hotmail.com. Cheers!