Tuesday, February 12, 2008


I have to get up in two hours, but for some reason I just can't sleep tonight. Instead I'm up blogging on this Chinese guy I've intended to write about for a year...

I first came across chimneycrow thanks to littleoslo, and nowadays his music turns up on my last.fm radio every now and then. A couple of days ago I was once again reminded of his music as I found a link to download "mooncake song [remix]" in net-label Muxia Records rss feed. While that remix was not what I had expected (in honor of the lunar new year, no doubt) the music of chimneycrow is usually something like post rock or casio pop. Simple and pleasant.

As it turns out, the links for all of his old releases have finally been fixed and you can find them here (see - it was a good thing that I got up again or it would've taken me longer to notice!). I quite like them all, but am particularily fond of september and october.

when the leaves outside are turning green to gold i guess autumn is near

Oh, and I find this bio very amusing ^^

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