Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Yun Jakjun

When reading Kite Operation's Korea Tour Diary over at koreanpop.org, this intriguing MySpace message I got from Yun Jakjun in early December suddenly made a lot more sense: you might already have heard of us before... ;)

I don't really keep track of my MySpace account, but I do log in every few months to see if there's anything interesting hiding among my friends requests. Upon encountering the one from Yun Jakjun I had headed over to the band page and had a listen right away - the one song there, Ichasun Dari was great! It's a cover of a trot inspired Cha Tae Hyun song, but with the fuzzy guitars and the almost desperate sentiment in the vocals I'd say this version is far better.

So what did I want to say with this? Not much really, I'm just spending time while waiting for other people so I can continue on my thesis work... But the song is good so you might very well want to hear it too. And as a lover of trot (and other corny music intended for people my parents' age) I'll hope that next time new stuff is added to Yun Jakjun's MySpace it will be another cover and not that noise stuff added recently.

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