Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Liner Guides

Seeing as Tearliner was the first artist to reach 1000 plays on my last.fm overall top artist chart I felt like I should do something to celebrate. And since his second album has been pushed forward at least a year and that EP that should've come in its place has not yet been released, I figured I should compile some of his liner guides to make my own EP with unreleased tracks.

Now these songs are all samples of the tranquil Tearliner as that's what I've been in the mood for recently. They are not necessarily the best liner guides, nor are they necessarily the best liner guides in this particular category. These songs are just here because I like them, and listening to them in this particular order pleases me. Perhaps I should've made some artwork, but graphic design isn't really my area - if nothing else at least Liner has an illustration for most of these songs at his blog ^^

(click song titles to go to the blog and have a listen)

1. 너는 내게 [Guide-1]
Going out strong with my very favorite liner guide. Absolutely lovely song.

2. 상처 [Guide-1]
An instrumental with 오수경 by the piano.

3. Love Traveler [Guide-1]
The most recent guide. Lie again to me~ keeps getting stuck in my head.

4. 너를 보며 Part.2 [Inst.]
Looking At You was my very favorite Tearliner song, pre-함께라면. Of course I love part 2.

5. Red Forest [Guide-C]
Featuring "The Girl", this song is great to listen to while traveling on a cloudy day.

6. She's Lovely [Guide-1]
Instrumental with a piano and a violin. How could I not like it?

Bonus Track: Forsythia Helicopter [진달래 헬리콥터]
Because every Korean release needs a bonus track. Just looking at the title it should be pretty obvious why I chose it (though 헬리콥텔 is more like how I pronounce my misspelled sn), but that's not all there is to it: This song was written by thy, when Tearliner had yet to become a one man band (Liner's contribution is the guitar play), and it has this quality that I love in a final track; this air that just makes me want to listen to everything straight from the beginning one more time. Forsythia fly, like a helicopter, in the sky.

Enjoy listening and have fun if you decide to find some liner guide favorites of your own ^_^

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