Sunday, January 06, 2008


OK, so this is not what I had planned to post on next (nor is it posted as soon after my previous post as that next post should've been), but since most people seem to come here for Korean music anyway...

After reading another interesting interview over at K.O.A. Zine (this time it was Sangchul of Bulssazo, though I highly recommend also reading the earlier Cocore interview) I ended up downloading a full album over at Balloon & Needle. Now, I feel so-so about Balloon & Needle - while I highly respect them as a label, only a few of their artists actually appeal to me. That album, however, most certainly does!

In 1998 there was this four member band called Puredigitalsilence, or simply PDS. That year they released their debut album, Circumfluence, and two years later they had gotten another member and did a split CD-R with Piwacot (피와꽃). It seems they disbanded after that, but I don't really know. One of the band's members, 양용준, was also in Delispice for a while, but none of that light and cheerful music can be heard from PDS - instead this is some eerie, yet somehow relaxing, sorta experimental music. They sound kinda like Dead Letters Spell Out Dead Words (who was supposed to get his own post when I returned after the summer...) in his more melodic moments.

The lightest (and shortest) track off Circumfluence is linked below. Visit Balloon & Needle's album page to grab the whole thing.

The thaw


orienkorean said...

What a coincidence.. i put up KO's "A Wonder" on my channel (with their permission) just before venturing into here. Their 'zine is great :D

K.O.A. said...

thank you for the plug, ms. helikoppter. ;)

please keep up the great work!