Thursday, December 21, 2006

Bloody Cookie

I've mentioned them earlier on this blog, but it's not until now, thanks to my favorite store owner mrkwang's connections to the band, that I am able to feature a downloadable mp3 of theirs.

The four Korean women of Bloody Cookie released their second mini album, A Curer, a couple of weeks ago. Their original gothic/grunge/nu metal style has softened a bit since their first release, The Immature Flower, but they're still awesome.

Down below is a promo mp3 for Bloody Cookie's latest release. I'm not particularily fond of promo mixes, but this one I even put on the playlist together with their real songs, so even you too don't like promo mixes I'd suggest you give this one a chance ^^ Also check out their MySpace where the three songs off their first release is available for streaming!

Bloody Cookie 2nd mini album sample version

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