Saturday, December 09, 2006

Greenwich Resident

Here's some people I'm really happy to be able to feature on this blog! I first heard them on Siamese Flowers and took a liking to their two songs on there instantly.

Liverpool based Greenwich Resident released their first EP, I Hid My Heroes, on Robot! Records a few weeks ago. The four members hail from Canada, Norway and England and have created a sound that, in their own words, is "distinctly un-British" and "entirely evolving". Their mellowness was one of the things that appealed to me at first, but as it turns out they're also really good with a lighter pop sound.

The song below is the title track from the EP and it'll stay up for a week or so. Make sure you visit Greenwich Resident's MySpace to hear more great songs of theirs ^^

I Hid My Heroes [no longer available]


Jay said...

I'm not sold on Greenwich Residents yet, but I'll give them some repeat listens.

Anonymous said...

Jay get with it my friend, have you see this band live? They're awesome!