Sunday, January 07, 2007

Betty Goes A Go-Go

As you probably missed it: I made a post on The Banjo Consorsium on my mandolin banjo blog yesterday. Check it out for some nice, soft music ^^

Swedish band Betty Goes A Go-Go has been releasing music for a while now and they have a new album, Winter Comes Here Winter Begins Here, coming out this year. According to the band itself they offer "melancholic new wave/postpunk with great nerve, angstridden harmonies and mindtwisting electronic sounds". I can't say I like all of it (I don't think postpunk is a genre for me) but some of their "angstridden harmonies", and especially their "mindtwisting electronic sounds" are just beautiful.

The song below was the first to catch my attention. While quite uneven at first it gets really, really good towards the end. For more, check out their website and MySpace.

Antarctica [left click]


Anonymous said...

Hi! And thanks for the kind words. This is Erik from Betty, just doing the monthly google on our name (vain, was it?). The albums title is "Winter Begins Here" by the way. And as far as the term "post-punk" goes, well, what else to call it. We don't know since it's too edgy to be pop, too mellow to be rock, too much keyboards to be punk and so forth. But anyway, thanks again for lending us your time and space.

helikoppter said...

Thanks for dropping by and leaving a comment! The post is now updated with the correct album name ^^