Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Don't Be A Stranger

Fest-i-valen is coming up in a couple of weeks and there's a lot of artists playing I haven't even heard of before. Out of those "new" artists that I've checked out so far, this group is my favorite ^^

Photo by Sofia Runarsdotter

Formed three years ago as a trio, Don't Be A Stranger is now a sixtet. They released their first EP, Ho Ho, on their own label in November and according to Headstomp an album is to be expected early this year. I'm not sure how to describe their music, but it must be some kind of pop. Semi-slow, semi-cheerful pop - I like it!

This song keeps popping up in my head. Visit their homepage to grab another track and drop by their MySpace to hear a couple of songs more.

Perfect Problem

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