Saturday, January 07, 2006

Half Asleep

Here's a discovery made because of today ^^

Belgian duo Half Asleep makes some nice, slow, calming music with a piano, acoustic guitar and occasional drums. Their music is described as "a beautiful mixture of sadcore, dream pop and folk sounds" and Another Records says that "Half Asleep brings sensual songs for late-nights listeners, reminiscent of the soundtrack from a melancholy film scene".

You can get their latest album, (we are now) seated in profile, for free from Unique Records' Half Asleep page. From just one listen I think it's a very good album so if the song below appeals to you - don't miss it!

Fill The Turkey with Your Stupid Jokes

If, when you're done listening to Half Asleep, you're in the mood for more similiar music - check out the first tracks from this month's mp3 focus at sudd., which features a compilation from anal0g ^^

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lita said...

hi there, thanks for visiting. I have no idea where to buy peterpan's bintang di surga album online, but if you give me your snailmail I *may* be able to send it to you. am going to sumatra next month, so can get you the real deal : )