Friday, January 06, 2006


I first heard about this group from for the eardrum's no longer updated subsection norwegian eardrums. As I believe philly might still be in need of some high energetic music - here they are!

Harmonica is an eight member group hailing from Oslo, capital of Norway. Monica Johansen, featured on the pic above, writes music as well as lyrics for all of their songs and she does a great job creating happy, energetic rock'n roll/sambapop. If you like Marit Bergman (that has all of her songs up for listen at her homepage ^^), you'll love Harmonica!

The songs below is the only studio recorded material I've heard, but it was more than enough to convince me I have to hear more from them in the future.

Friday Night
Girls and Boys (They Kiss at Night)


philly said...

I enjoy both of the sample songs, and the lyrics are fun too ^_^

Thanks Anna! I'm slowly waking up now (err but now it's time to sleep *_*)

Boys boys boys, are hot hot hot! :o)

Monica said...


Det er jeg som er Harmonica! Fikk link til denne siden på mail. Kult du liker det vi gjør. Vi får en hjemmesiden vår opp i mai, tror jeg sjekk det! Dessuten kommer vi med en EP snart !