Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Red Carpet

Yes, it seems so many has already written about them, but I didn't even know these guys existed till I read the newsletter from my favorite alternative music store yesterday. So I wanted to make a post about them, in case anybody else has missed out as well :p

Finnish Red Carpet appears to have recieved plenty of praise since releasing their second album, The Noise of Red Carpet, in autumn last year. These four guys make some nice pop, more specificly "harmony pop" if one is to agree with Rumba Music Magazine. And while I'm not overly excited I still like it. A lot.

When You Sing is taken from their latest album, while Model, which reminds me of Nada Surf's Let Go that I liked so much, is taken from their 2003 debut, Halfway. Apart from those two songs, Red Carpet has plenty of short as well as a couple of full mp3 samples more available from their homepage. You can also visit their MySpace to hear some nice, though unfortunately non-downloadable, tracks more ^^

When You Sing

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