Friday, August 25, 2006


While writing reviews for every CD I buy hasn't kept me from buying too many CDs, at least it's made me learn more about them. Here's what I found a couple of weeks ago when researching for a review I should have done in March..

The Korean trio adultchild has been around since 2004, but it wasn't till this year that they first appeared on album. Being signed by Pastel Music (my favorite Korean label right now ^^) they participated with their song Sad Thing on the Cracker soundtrack - one of my favorite releases so far this year. Their music is nice and mellow whith female vocals making it all sound beautiful.

Down below are two of my favorite songs of adultchild. I believe 상실 is a live recording with just kkasi, so make sure you also get Star to hear what they'll sound like when they release an album ^^ Go check them out on for more!

Star [left click]
상실 (loss) [left click]


Anonymous said...

hi anna!

i think i might be needing your help. :> i checked millim and pastelmusic's site, like you suggested, but they were in korean and i'm not.translators werent much of a help. plus, these korean sites require, if im not mistaken, an ID, which i dont have either.
if its not much of a bother, please do help me on this. i'd really be grateful.

here's my email:

hope to hear from you, thanks!

i love said...

I'm late, but I just recently heard the track It's Rain and loved it. Do you know where I could purchase the album?

helikoppter said...

i love, if you contact mrkwang he will most certainly be able to find their album even though he doesn't offer it today. Good luck tracking it down - it's a lovely album!