Thursday, August 24, 2006

And here's something else I decided to check out after reading some random journal at ^^

Since my Russian is limited to just reading, there's not much I can tell you about However, after surfing their site I've reached the conclusion that is a duo. And since the site is only available in Russian, I'm pretty sure they hail from Russia and not one of the former Soviet republics. Anyway, they're making some pretty catchy pop/rock with occasional electronic elements and the woman is the one providing the vocals, kinda like a poppier Zemfira. I like this a lot!

Check under "музыка" at their homepage to download all of their Made in Russia album, track by track. You should definitly get them all if you like the song below ^_^

Караоке (karaoke)

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sk8rgrlzzz said...

cool. i wrote a journal about them on once.
but yeh. i like them alot.