Sunday, December 04, 2005


Today I came across the Chinese record company Shanshui for the first time...

...and there I found Swedish guy Covox! He's a chiptune composer making what he describes as "melodic high-energy romantic gameboy pop". His first album, Delete the Elite, was released this summer in Sweden and, with an extra bonus track, only a week ago in China.

This song sounds very happy and the title is awesome. Check it out and go to Covox homepage for more ^_^

Summer Fruit Dance Party


philly said...

covox is awesome! I checked out the ShanShui (Mountain Water) site, and found Panda Twin amusing ^_^ Their sound is so weird, yet I like how they incorporated the mononoke hime melody into a electronic song :o)

Thanks Anna!

helikoppter said...

If you get the chance you should definitly check out Shanshui's compilations! I listened to some of the samples and it was instant happiness :p I have my eyes set on the compilation box with 6 3" CDs, so if Christmas doesn't overdraw my budget there's a big chance one will find it's way here in January ^_^

Anonymous said...

Liten värld ^_^
/Thomas (Covox)