Wednesday, December 28, 2005

my plastic JonBenet doll

As I was looking for info on Veltpunch, that a friend recommended me tonight, I came across the band below.

Four member Japanese band my plastic JonBenet doll plays some nice indie rock with the two girls providing the vocals. It seems they formed in summer 2004 and begun playing live in late spring 2005, but I might be wrong as I don't really know any Japanese...

If you like the song below you should definitly hear their other songs, so go visit Veltpunch's homepage and check out the "B-side" section. There you'll also find songs from six o'minus and some highly recommended nice instrumentals from Camel Life ^_^

Summer Pepper Lonely Hearts Club Girl


philly said...

Haha, I seriously need to get out of my mellow music mood since you're recommending so many awesome upbeat/rock artists *_^

my plastic JonBenet doll indeed resemble Veltpunch! I'm listening to "Summer Pepper Lonely Hearts Club Girl" and loving it.

*plays air-guitar yet again*

helikoppter said...

Songs are still up, but links are no longer available from Veltpunch's page. Here's another one in case you didn't get it before:

I can't figure out what the ジョンベネのテーマ mp3 was called though. Might've been something with theme of JonBenet, but I don't really know...