Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Korean music at

I have probably missed this for ages, but while searching for some Brazilian post-punk (intrigued as I hadn't heard the term "post-punk" before) I surprised found myself at's music section. I've been getting programs off for as long as I've had my own computer, but it wasn't till today that I discovered the music section. Here's three short presentations of some of the music from Korea that I found there. (click subheadings for direct links ^^)

Pop Store

Most of you have probably heard of PopStore before. They have free samples on just about every place where one can share own music for free and their 2003 demo Open Your Mind has spread over the world through various p2p applications since the release. Their style is basicly pop punk - all of PopStore's songs are recommended if you're into that kind of music ^^

Code Y

Code Y released their debut EP, Circle, in summer 2004. All songs on there are also available on, but as I haven't heard the actual EP I wouldn't know if there's any difference. There's a mellow touch to all of the songs and it really appeals to me ^^ They're all nice, but I'd like to recommend Star (). Oh, and don't forget to check out their website (make sure to allow popups!) - it's really neat :p


Out of the Korean music available at I will most likely end up listening to Gomuband the most. It's all nice and simple instrumentals with a couple of acoustic guitars, I love this kind of music. Try any song and enjoy!


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