Wednesday, December 28, 2005

my plastic JonBenet doll

As I was looking for info on Veltpunch, that a friend recommended me tonight, I came across the band below.

Four member Japanese band my plastic JonBenet doll plays some nice indie rock with the two girls providing the vocals. It seems they formed in summer 2004 and begun playing live in late spring 2005, but I might be wrong as I don't really know any Japanese...

If you like the song below you should definitly hear their other songs, so go visit Veltpunch's homepage and check out the "B-side" section. There you'll also find songs from six o'minus and some highly recommended nice instrumentals from Camel Life ^_^

Summer Pepper Lonely Hearts Club Girl

Monday, December 26, 2005

Electric Eel Shock

Japanese Rock'n'Roll band Electric Eel Shock has been touring the world the past couple of years and more. A friend's boyfriend interviewed them after they played in Stockholm a couple of weeks ago, so she thought I should check them out. I did. And while I think their music is ok I like the band itself a lot more. They seem like three awesome guys with a great attitude towards themselves and their music. Go learn more about them on their homepage! And of course listen to the song linked below :)

Do the Metal

Sunday, December 25, 2005


Here's something as rare as a recommendation originating from one of my sisters - she has an internet pal with a girlfriend who's brother plays in a band...

Had it not been for my sister telling me Warehouse came from Swedish town Halmstad, I would definitly have guessed that these guys were American beacuse of their alt rockish, sometimes Lifehouse reminiscent, style.

The song below is taken from Just another lastone and all songs from that album are, with one exception, available in full mp3 versions from their homepage. Go listen to them and also take the chance to hear some of the short samples for the even better songs included on Subject to change.


Friday, December 23, 2005

Elin Sigvardsson

As I mentioned her in my last post, here's one of my favorite singer/songwriters.

Elin Sigvardsson was the first artist ever produced by one of Sweden's most acknowledged artists, Lars Winnerbäck. While I prefer her first album over her second, which she produced herself, her songs are all great on album and very nice to hear live.

The song below is a Christmas themed song where she's only accompanied by acoustic guitars. To get a better chance of understanding why I like her music so much - go visit her homepage and check out some of the music vids ^^

Love Me without Heart

Monday, December 19, 2005


I'm so sorry for the lack of updates... But here's something new I discovered while checking out what my neighbours were listening to ^^

Icelandic/New Zealander Hera Hjartardóttir makes folkpop that instantly had me think of Elin Sigvardsson. Her core audience seems to be in Iceland and while still in her early twenties she has already released four albums - three in English and one in Icelandic.

The song below was the one that appears to have sparked the interest in her music as it was featured in the acclaimed Icelandic movie "The Sea".

Itchy Palms

Monday, December 12, 2005

I Was A Teenage Satan Worshipper

Today I first listened to the music from a band with one of the most awesome band names ever...

I don't know much about I Was A Teenage Satan Worshipper. I only know they're Finnish, and as my understanding of the Finnish language is extremly limited I can not understand anything of the little information I think I might have found... At least music is universal and they sing entierly in English :p

Their style of music is probably best described as electropop. It's sweet and if you like the song below you should go visit their mikseri page and get any of the other 18 songs ^_^

Surfer Rocket Girls! (left click)

Sunday, December 11, 2005


More findings ^^

Orange is a four member group from the Philippines. So far they have released one self titled EP under a Creative Commons license on Triad Records. Their style and female vocals makes me think of a rockier Mojofly, so check them out!

One Burgundy Place (left click)

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Korean music at

I have probably missed this for ages, but while searching for some Brazilian post-punk (intrigued as I hadn't heard the term "post-punk" before) I surprised found myself at's music section. I've been getting programs off for as long as I've had my own computer, but it wasn't till today that I discovered the music section. Here's three short presentations of some of the music from Korea that I found there. (click subheadings for direct links ^^)

Pop Store

Most of you have probably heard of PopStore before. They have free samples on just about every place where one can share own music for free and their 2003 demo Open Your Mind has spread over the world through various p2p applications since the release. Their style is basicly pop punk - all of PopStore's songs are recommended if you're into that kind of music ^^

Code Y

Code Y released their debut EP, Circle, in summer 2004. All songs on there are also available on, but as I haven't heard the actual EP I wouldn't know if there's any difference. There's a mellow touch to all of the songs and it really appeals to me ^^ They're all nice, but I'd like to recommend Star (). Oh, and don't forget to check out their website (make sure to allow popups!) - it's really neat :p


Out of the Korean music available at I will most likely end up listening to Gomuband the most. It's all nice and simple instrumentals with a couple of acoustic guitars, I love this kind of music. Try any song and enjoy!

Sunday, December 04, 2005

Double Fish

And another artist found on Shanshui!

Zhu Jianhui aka Double Fish comes from mainland China and makes some nice electronica. His releases so far includes some EPs on Polish and Chinese labels as well as some contributions to compilation albums.



Today I came across the Chinese record company Shanshui for the first time...

...and there I found Swedish guy Covox! He's a chiptune composer making what he describes as "melodic high-energy romantic gameboy pop". His first album, Delete the Elite, was released this summer in Sweden and, with an extra bonus track, only a week ago in China.

This song sounds very happy and the title is awesome. Check it out and go to Covox homepage for more ^_^

Summer Fruit Dance Party